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Shuron Eyewear: Prescription Eyeglasses

When it comes to established optical manufacturers, Shuron has certainly proven to be a name you can trust. They opened their doors in 1865 and have prospered for almost 150 years by maintaining quality while adapting to the changing needs of the public. Shuron realizes, however, that change doesn’t mean to turn away from what works. They produce some of the same iconic retro styles they invented in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries while also introducing dynamic new lines that appeal to today’s sensibilities.

Classic model lines like the Ronwinne, Freeway, Icebreakers, Ronsir, and the Nulady have never gone out of style and continue to captivate both the young and the young at heart. Contemporary lines like the Regis collection and the Convertible collection blend effortlessly with style cues of the recent past, such as the Barrette and the Delisa, to produce enticingly fresh offerings with a throwback feel. A blast from the past with an eye towards the future, Shuron continues to deliver.

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