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Anti Fog Prescription Glasses
(Anti Fog Permanent Coating)

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What is Anti Fog Coating?Anti Fog Prescription Safety Glasses

Myeyewear2go Anti-Fog Permanent Coating is a chemically bonded coating to both sides of the lens before it is cut. It includes a hard anti-scratch coating which can be used where ever surface fogging is an issue. Typical applications are goggles, prescription eyeglasses, motorcycle goggles. The coating works on a molecular level to keep water molecules from bunching together and causing the blinding fog that is so dangerous on glasses. The result is a coating that NEVER fogs, even when going from the coldest conditions to a hot, humid climate. The lenses may develop a layer of water instead of fog, but the water is transparent and is not dangerous.


Myeyewear2go Permanent Anti Fog Coating demonstrates superior fog free properties under a variety of conditions where fogging is an issue. The premium performance of Myeyewear2go Anti Fog has been evaluated using various exposure tests, per industry standard testing procedures, such as:

Breathe Fog Test - No fog formation after Direct breathing on the Coated Surface.
Hot & Moist Air test- No Fog Formation After exposing to a hot, moist Environment.
Freeze Test- No Fog Formation after transferring from cold conditions to a humid environment.

Why is Anti-Fog Permanent Coating $50?

Wouldn't it be cheaper for me to just buy an anti-fog spray cleaner or Cat Crap anti-fog? Other anti-fog products work, they just don't work as well as the Anti-Fog Permanent Coating. Anti-fog sprays and pastes need to constantly be reapplied, and even then the lenses still fog somewhat. Constant reapplication means you end up paying the same amount over a longer period of time as you constantly have to purchase more spray or paste. Anti-Fog Permanent Coating NEVER fogs and is only applied once.

How can I add Anti-Fog Permanent Coating to my frames?

You can add Anti-Fog permanent coating to any pair of frames you purchase with us. Just scroll down to "Coatings" while customizing and check the Anti-Fog Permanent Coating box as shown below.