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About MyEyeWear2Go

MyEyewear2Go is a full-service optical lab and online store located in Middlesex, NJ. We specialize in prescription and non-prescription eyewear for fashion, sunwear, sports, and everyday use. Our facility consists of a plastic optical lab and a glass optical lab, and we do most of our prescription work in-house. We are proud of our ability to offer high-quality prescription eyewear at low prices. Most prescription eyewear stores outsource their prescription lens work to outside labs, increasing prices for the end user. We are able to offer wholesale prices to individuals because of our in-house labs.

Our lab is unique because we sell prescription lenses to the end user; most optical labs sell to retailers. The reason we focus our business on you, the eyeglasses wearer, instead of on other businesses, is that it is important to us to be able to offer affordable glasses to hardworking Americans. We know what it's like to focus on saving money wherever possible, and we are proud of our ability to keep eyewear affordable to people who are just trying to get by. It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get prescription glasses, but walking into an optician's office without eye insurance can feel a lot like getting your wallet stolen. We don't believe in that, so we do our best to get you the brands and lens types you're looking for at prices that let you breathe easy.

Ours is a family company. Our owners, Robert Phillips and his son Ryan, come from a family that has been in the optical industry for over 100 years. Ryan and Bob opened the company in 2001, and it went from 4 to over 40 employees since then through their knowledge of the industry, hard work, and ability to nurture a family environment... no matter how large the company has grown. We focused on keeping our prices low through the recent recession, and we managed to continue to grow and create more jobs through the financial crisis. Every pair of glasses that goes through our facility passes through as many as 20 pairs of hands, so we know how important teamwork and camaraderie can be, and our loyal family of employees proves to us every day what can be accomplished when people work together to make a quality product.

Quality, efficiency, and teamwork are the principles that drive MyEyewear2Go. We are part of the Phillips Safety Products, Inc family of companies, and MyEyewear2Go is one of several web sites specializing in a particular type of eyewear. Because the company has focused on specialty prescription glasses for over a decade, our facility has the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to produce quality prescriptions in even the toughest frames, such as wraparounds and free-form lenses. We treasure our family atmosphere and ability to employ loyal and dedicated Americans, and we believe it is a gift to be able to offer great and affordable eyewear to people trying to conserve their hard-earned money. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us, and thank you for your patronage! We can't do it without you.