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Transitions Signature Lenses

Transitions Signature Lenses

Fully clear indoors – but outside, they’re more responsive than ever thanks to our exclusive Chromea7™ photochromic technology. They are more reactive to UV light so they get darker in more conditions, including bright sun, partially sunny, cloudy, and everything in between. They also adapt to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces.


Fast Facts

    •  Fully clear indoors and at night
    •  Fast fade back speed
    •  Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
    •  Fit any prescription and frame
    •  Suitable for any age including children


Transitions Lenses
Comparison Chart

Transitions Signature Lenses Transitions Vantage Lenses Transitions Xtractive Lenses Transitions Drivewear Lenses
 Lens DescriptionFully clear
indoors, optimal
tint outdoors

Variable polarization
for even crisper,
sharper vision

  More activation for
added protection

Polarized and adjust
with changing sunlight
to enhance the
driving experience

Lens type For your primary
prescription eyeglasses
For your primary prescription eyeglasses For your primary prescription eyeglasses For your prescription or non-prescription sunglasses
Usage Indoors and outdoors,
all day
Indoors and outdoors, 
all day
Indoors and outdoors, 
all day
Outdoors and in the car,
daytime only
Lens color options Clear to Gray
Clear to Brown
Clear to Gray Clear to Gray Greenish yellow to copper to
dark reddish brown
Indoor clarity Fully clear Hint of tint Hint of tint Sunwear, not recommended for indoor use
Outdoor darkness Dark Dark Our darkest lens, even
in high temperatures
Speed to darken Fast to activate Fast to activate Fast to activate Fast to activate
Behind-the-windshield activation No No Yes, moderate activation Yes, fully activates
Polarization No Variable polarization that adjusts to match outdoor glare levels No Yes
Transitions Lenses


Look for the Colors options to select the Transitions lenses that are right for you. 


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