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Rx-Safety Eyewear: Prescription Sunglasses

Backed by over 100 years experience in the optical business, Rx Safety was founded with one purpose in mind: to provide premium prescription safety eyewear at an affordable price. We know our customers work too hard to overpay for the safety equipment their jobs require. We also know that our customer’s health and well-being is too valuable to risk on cheap, knock-off material. Our goal is to operate within that middle ground where maximum safety meets minimal cost, and constant expansion since our inception – as well as the affirmation of thousands of satisfied customers – proves we’re serious about it.

Rx Safety keeps its cost low and its product quality high the traditional way – we do our own work. Our state-of-the-art optical lab allows us to produce complex eyewear arrangements and cut our own prescriptions without relying on secondary distributors. As we cut out the middle man, we cut the price, and also maintain responsibility for the quality control of our products. Thus free to focus on prescription wraparound safety glasses, impact safety, and customization – and with our own name and reputation on the line – you can be sure Rx Safety will continue to provide selection and quality at a price you can actually afford.

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