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Transitions Xtractive Sunglasses

Transitions®, the company that introduced transitional photochromic lenses to the eyewear industry, has for years led the way in automatically-adjusting eyeglass lenses.

Xtractive Sunglasses from Transitions

Transitions Xtractive SunglassesIn response to a common complaint about photochromic lenses (due to the preexisting UV light-blockage of automobile windshields, they fail to fully adjust while driving), the company developed and introduced DriveWear® – lenses that react and adjust to both visible and non-visible light.

That same dedication to customers has compelled Transitions® to address another photochromic drawback: the fact that transitional lenses do not darken as much as some consumers prefer, and not as much as several permanent tints can allow. This has led to the next great Transitions® breakthrough and product line: Transitions® Xtractive®.

Transitions® Xtractive® are designed not only to provide all-day light protection, but to offer more light blockage than ever before. Outdoors, they adjust to a darker tint level than photochromic lenses have yet been able to yield – even in very hot weather, a temperature condition that has traditionally slowed the reaction time and ability of photochromics. And rather than remain purely clear indoors, Xtractive® lenses maintain just enough of a tint to provide comfort around harsh artificial light.

This additional benefit does not come at the expense of other Transitions® lens features. Xtractive® lenses darken behind the windshield of your car, just as DriveWear® lenses do. They block 100% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays, and are designed to accommodate most prescriptions and frames.

The result is a state-of-the-art product that meets and exceeds consumer needs and expectations. Here’s a sampling of customer reviews from actual owners of Xtractive® lenses:

  • Allison D. from Shillington, PA – “This is not my first pair of Transitions®. Been wearing them for years and couldn’t imagine life without them. This is my first pair of Xtractive® that actually get dark inside of a car and even a bright room in my house. Absolutely love them.”
  • Theresa Z. from Pompton Lakes, NJ – “I have always gotten Transitions® on my glasses and love it. Now that I have Transitions® Xtractive® I very rarely wear my prescription sunglasses. I love them and recommend them to everyone.
  • Paul C. from Dalton, GA – “These Xtractive® lenses are well worth the money. This is the second pair I have purchased and I love them. They are much better than the older Transitions® lenses because of how fast they go from light to dark and back again.”
  • Earl L. from Queensbury, NY – “I drive a school bus. It’s very important that I see the best I possibly can. Sun glare is a safety hazard and these lenses help me to be my best.”
  • Eric D. from Brownstown, MI – “I work outdoors a lot, so I am in and out of a vehicle repeatedly. The Xtractive® lenses get dark when needed and quickly lighten up when I get in a window tinted vehicle. I have never had a problem with them indoors.
  • Robin C. from Maryville, TN – “I am very excited about this version of Transitions®. My eyes are sensitive to light and so far these have helped tremendously. They even get darker outside and in the car.

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