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Stick on Bifocals for Sunglasses

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Sunglass Stick on Bifocals

Hydrotac Stick-On BifocalsThat doesn’t, however, mean we’re in the business of upselling to our customers. There are times when a new pair of eyeglasses is not always the answer to your changing vision needs. If you already have a pair of prescription sunglasses that you’re comfortable with, yet you now require the magnification of a bifocal, this could be one of those times.

The reason you can no longer focus on objects within a foot or so of your eyes is presbyopia – a very common condition that strikes millions over the age of forty. It causes the crystalline lens of the eye to lose flexibility. The resulting loss of up-close focus makes it difficult to perform tasks like reading and writing without corrective assistance, such as reading glasses or bifocals.

Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process and one that cannot be prevented. What’s more, the flexibility of your eye’s lenses will continue to change as you age, meaning that a boost in the magnification of your corrective eyewear will likely be necessary from time to time. In the recent past, your only option when the effects of presbyopia struck was to obtain bifocals, trifocals, or reading glasses, and to keep upping the magnification level as your presbyopia matured. But now there’s a way to incorporate the magnification area of a bifocal into your everyday eyewear…a considerably less expensive proposition.

Hydrotac has introduced stick-on bifocal lenses, which transform any eyewear into a pair of bifocal reading glasses. They simply adhere to standard lenses – plastic or glass, high index or low, shaded or clear – with a drop of water, and produce a 1.5” diameter window of magnified vision. Your magnification, whichever strength works best for you, as they’re available in multiple diopter levels.

Additionally, Hydrotac stick-on bifocals are removable and reusable. Simply peel them off one pair of eyeglasses when you’re done and transfer them to different pair with just another drop of water. Now you can enjoy close-up, in focus vision on any or all of the eyeglasses you already own. Use them on your regular eyeglasses, your sunglasses, or convert an old pair into prescription readers. It’s up to you. Change your mind about where you positioned them or decide you want them on a different pair? No problem. Move them quickly and easily, as many times as you’d like.

If you’re impressed by the versatility of Hydrotac stick-on lenses, just wait until you find out how affordable they are. For the same price you’d pay in any drugstore for an off-the-rack pair of reading glasses, you can purchase a set of reusable Hydrotac stick-ons for all of your glasses. They’re available in all the most popular diopter levels, including:

  • +1.25
  • +1.50
  • +1.75
  • +2.00
  • +2.50
  • +3.00

Hydrotac stick-ons provide distortion-free magnification from edge to edge and can be trimmed, if so desired, to fit custom eyewear. They’re easy to install or position, leave no residue when removed, and are designed, manufactured, and packaged in the U.S.A. They come complete with a molded protective case for storage when not in use.

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Visit myeyewear2go to pick up a pair of the most versatile, most cost-effective bifocal lenses you’ll ever come across. Hydrotac stick on bifocals: for all of life’s eyewear.