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Prescription Nike Eyeglasses Model 4190: Product Highlight

Need a sleek pair of performance-driven eyewear?

Prescription Nike Eyeglasses Model 4190: Product Highlight

We don't highlight every new frame that we put up on our web site, but this one is worth talking about. The prescription Nike eyeglasses Model 4190 are a great pair of prescription glasses for athletic and active wearers who need glasses that'll stay on in a variety of situations.

Nike 4190The 4190 is a contemporary, sleek style with a thin and lightweight construction and modern feel. This frame's no-nonsense construction means that it's built to last and to feel comfortable every day you wear it. And the colors and sizes it comes in ensure that it'll fit your face. Its oval shape will ensure that it fits most face shapes, especially those with sharper features or men with square jaws.

This frame is built for activity. Its spring hinges, temple pads, and comfortable nose pads will ensure total comfort and a grip that won't quit. They'll stay on during sports and at the gym, making them a great choice for anybody on the move.

If you're interested in the Model 4190, check it out on our web site or give us a call. This frame is worth looking at, and we're happy to announce its arrival.