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New Product Release The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier

At Myeyewear2go, we occasionally stray from our usual specialty of “all things optical” to bring you a product that we feel compliments our inventory and appeals to our customers. This is one of those occasions, and the product we introduce enhances not vision but hearing.

The Bean Quiet Sound AmplifierThe Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier provides just the right “boost” to your hearing ability. It allows you to more effectively make out voices in crowded or outdoor environments, while in the car, and when someone speaks to you from across the room. It is available in two models: The Bean and the T-coil Bean.

Both versions fit comfortably in either ear and operate so smoothly that they’re virtually undetectable. They work by amplifying sound in the high-frequency range, which brings up the softer sounds of incoming speech, and a dual-position switch makes it easy to choose between two levels of sound enhancement. The Bean offers enhanced speech interpretation in both quiet and noisy conditions; louder sounds are filtered through without a boost, so you won’t be startled by sudden bursts of noise, and softer, more remote sounds are lent just the right amount of “oomph” to bring them up to a clear, audible level.

The T-coil Bean works with hearing-aid compatible telephones and loop systems (in which a loop of wire is placed at a strategic place in a large room to act as an antenna – the loops sends a signal back to the Bean, which translates it to back to sound). This model allows for improved hearing in reverberant spaces or in large, echo-rich areas.

Both models of the Bean come with a starter kit that includes the Bean of your choice, seven ear tips of various sizes and materials to help you customize your Bean for a proper and comfortable fit, a package of size #10 zinc-air batteries, a filter tool, extra filters, and a leather case to house everything for easy portability. The Bean is available as a single unit or as a pair, and in your color choice of bronze, brushed gold, or platinum. Benefits of The Bean include:

  • A subtle low-battery signal to alert you to when a battery need replacement
  • A long battery life of 10-12 days on a single cell
  • Can be purchased without need of a referral
  • Designed to fit well and look good in either ear
  • Ready-to-use right out of the box
  • No controls to worry about and no adjustments needed
  • Delivers high-fidelity sound quality and amplified hearing
  • Handles high inputs of music without distortion
  • Does not require custom molds

Visit to see details and photos of this exciting new product. For well over a decade we’ve offered items and services to help you improve your vision…now we’re happy to offer The Bean to help you improve your hearing.