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New at MyEyewear2Go: Fog Buster Anti-Fog Treatment System

Finally, a true solution to debilitating fog!

New at MyEyewear2Go: Fog Buster Anti-Fog Treatment System

Fog Buster Anti Fog Lens CleanerFogged glasses are really annoying. Whether it happens when you're going from an air-conditioned house into the hot summer air, from a cold winter day into a warm building, or you're just in a muggy situation, when your glasses fog up, it's not fun. Waiting for your eyewear to get closer to the ambient temperature is the only solution; just clearing the fog doesn't solve the situation for more than a few seconds.

This is why we're so excited to introduce our new Fog Buster anti-fog treatment system, which is a revolutionary new coating that will rid you of the fogging problem. Fog Buster is a spray cleaner that goes on clear and removes the possibility of fog by creating a thin film on your lenses that is hydrophobic, or repels water. Since fog is simple water condensing onto your lens surface, this hydrophobic coating is enough to ensure that no fog occurs on your lenses.

Simply use Fog Buster whenever you clean your eyewear, at least once a day, and you'll never have to worry about fog again. Your glasses will be clean and fog-free. The technology behind Fog Buster is an impressive feat, and we're proud to carry this product on our shelves. It is also compatible with all of the coatings offered on our site: anti-reflective, mirror, and UV protection.

If you have any questions about Fog Buster, how to avoid fog, or whether this product is right for you, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or give us a call.

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