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Camo Eyeglass Retainer Bags on MyEyewear2Go

These bags are great for hunters, camo enthusiasts, and those looking to hide their glasses in the woods.

Camo Eyeglass Retainer Bags on MyEyewear2Go

Our newest retainer bags are going to make a lot of our customers happy. If you're a fan of camo, check out our new camo eyeglass retainer bags.

Camo Eyeglass Retainer Bags on MyEyewear2Go

These retainer bags are made of a fine thread microfiber, which makes them great for storing and cleaning your glasses. Keeping your eyewear in a retainer bag when not in use is a sure way to extend its lifetime, so why not use a bag with a style you like?

Our camo eyeglass retainer bags are for the sports enthusiast, hunter, serviceman, servicewoman, or outdoors enthusiast who likes the look of camo. So, no matter what the reason, if you're looking for a storage bag to keep your glasses safe, and you like camo, you're going to love these bags. It's always a good idea to store your glasses in a retainer bag, even if you use a case, because the bag doubles as a cleaning cloth, removing the need to keep a spare cleaning cloth near your glasses.

Always remember that cleaning glasses with clean microfiber cloths will extend the life of the lenses. Rough surfaces will slowly wear down any scratch, AR, or other coatings on the lenses, aging them quickly (whether you can see it or not). Eventually, you will clean the glasses and discover that they are covered in many tiny scratches. This comes from not cleaning them with microfiber, or cleaning them with a dirty or dusty cleaning cloth.

We hope you're excited about our camo eyeglass retainer bags as we are! If you have any questions or comments about them, leave them below, and thanks for reading!