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Lightspecs Eyewear

Nighttime reading just got a whole lot easier with LightSpecs reading glasses by Foster Grant. LightSpecs feature twin light-emitting diode (LED) lights mounted in oppositional positions within the frame. This patented design focuses light right where you need it most and LightSpecs come equipped with replaceable batteries that last up to 50 hours.

Available in classic black or a stylish tortoiseshell pattern, LightSpecs frames are lightweight and comfortable. Even with onboard lights and batteries, the entire frame weighs only 1.25 ounces – light enough to enjoy hours of fatigue-free reading without slippage. And with a diopter spread that ranges from strong to weak, you can order a pair with the perfect magnification level for you.

Now you can read in a darkened theater, airplane, or restaurant without bothering anyone, or curl up in bed with a good book without disturbing your partner. Get yourself a pair of LightSpecs and light up the night.

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