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JP Fitover Eyewear


Effective, comfortable, and affordable, Fitovers® by Jonathan Paul Eyewear™ offers prescription eyeglass wearers a selection of revolutionary new fashionable and functional sunglasses with wrap-around styling. Maintaining our emphasis on comfort, quality, and visual performance, we utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with sunglasses that meet the needs of their frame styles and their lifestyles.

Fitovers® are available in twenty-five frame shapes and in a wide selection of fashionable colors and polarized lens options. This allows for the choice of frame and lens option that’s just right for you. They’re the perfect sunwear solution for your favorite outdoor pursuit. Driving, walking, motorbike riding, poolside reading, fishing, and any number of other outdoor activities are enhanced with the complete UV protection afforded by a pair of Fitovers® from Jonathan Paul Eyewear™. 


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