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Bonsayon Eyewear: Prescription Sunglasses
Bonsayon Prescription Sunglasses

Bonsayon S302 Safety Sunglasses are a high quality sport sunglass with polarized lenses. Its technical engineering makes it suitable for outdoor activities and sports, and they are particularly efficient in strong wind conditions or noisy environments. Equipped with a bone conduction microphone integrated into the frame, the glasses are able to catch your voice directly from your nose so you can have a clear conversation everywhere.

Completely different from the conventional microphone, which picks up sound through the air, Bonsayon products utilize a newly-developed nasal bone conduction microphone by picking up the sound through bone or solid material. Combined with high-quality Bluetooth communication technology, voices sensed by the nasal bone conduction chip are as clear as face-to-face talking. The most outstanding feature is that little to no background noise is picked up.

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